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Fatemehsadat Seyedmofidi

On Line


Looking around, lines exist everywhere. We live with them and we live within them. Lines are a very basic element of expression; in writing, drawing and any other visual field of communication. Lines can be seen everywhere outside of ourselves, but what about ourselves? There are many lines on and (to define organs) in our body. This project aims at observing and expressing those beautiful lines/organs, or rather, their graphical aspects, using the expressive potential of lines.

The body itself – like any other human-related issue – consists of form and content. Form is obvious while content is a matter of interpretation. Therefore, I have used the technique of direct printing for what is “on” a body, showing specific identity lines – the easily or hardly recognizable, short or long, permanent or variable ones. For what is “in” the body, I used various drawing techniques in a linear, graphical expression to define the content; abstracting and visualizing the various lines according to their function and/or concept.
Using these two graphic-design methods – printing and drawing – to depict the human body refers back to the earliest human visual methods of expression.

This association also conveys the idea of replacing a subject with an object and exposes the communication and interaction between them using a visual approach, by BodyGraphy.

Fatemehsadat Seyedmofidi,

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