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Ah Jin Kim

The Ambiguity of Images and Sounds: On Using Stereotypes
The Conventional Way of Understanding Images and Sounds Revisited


Images have an absolute and compelling influence on modern society but are, at the same time, hopelessly ambiguous. Images lose their essence because of several additional factors and are then re-interpreted in various ways. Actually, images which have changed like this are merely fabricated images.

Nevertheless, most people do neither question the source nor the purpose, or rather, the meaning of an image they encounter. This kind of customary attitude that people have suppresses people’s curiosity and thinking. Therefore, I focused on a conceptual shift by applying a customary method to interpret images.
For example, if we show a different result by mixing images and sounds most people probably know, will people believe in it or not? The interesting argument for my written thesis and survey for this project is that more than 70% people believed in the wrong information (mismatched images and sounds) without questioning them.

The main purpose of this project is to suggest new ways of reading, which did not exist before, by adding customary images to sounds. People might then interpret unfamiliar images and sounds by playing with DPS (Digital Publishing Suite) as it will awaken their interest through unexpected combinations and experiences.

This project not only offers a new way of looking at familiar objects, but also provides us with a kind of visual freedom from the ways the various media try to channel how we see and hear things.

Ah Jin Kim

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