Romain Sochon

Raccès Secours!


For the Plural!
Two words had been put at the top to elaborate this menswear garderobe: coexist and love, because their most concrete meaning can say a lot. These clothes are made for open-minded characters performing the various activities of their everyday lives, running around town, having different backgrounds with a desire to become slowly updated by a mix of well-made garments and some good quality concepts. This has been cultivated by architecture and furniture design since the mid-19th century, for example, Auguste Perret, Alain Richard, Pierre Paulin, etc., through studies of designing for democracy. Also, the desire to create some savoir-vivre was great to make links between fashion, architecture and space furnished with good objects, just to create an agora or central gathering place where aims meet each other, a cruising area as a good idea, which could be a perfectly symmetrical garden, the clothes (however, made using asymmetrical lines) worn by the youth inside…!
For the Plural

Romain Sochon


Institut Mode-Design, HGK FHNW, Freilager-Platz 1, Postfach, CH-4023 Basel
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