Games, Aesthetics and Generative Hotchpotch

Diplomarbeit von Fabian Frei

Idea: I want to observe the effects of generative elements on the aesthetics of computer games and then relate these effects to a general aesthetics of computer games. The practical part of my project shall consist in an experimental game. The scope as well as the precise concept shall be defined later in the process. The practical implementation will be accompanied by a written documentation describing the work steps and reflecting them.

Context: My project is concerned with the aesthetics of computer games, the lifeworld of the gamers – especially those in the indie scene – and also with their specific rules and codes. The question about the significance of computer games for other areas shall also be raised.

Diplom Partner:

Lukas Truniger

PDF Download, Diplom Dokumentation

Fabian Frei

  • Wirtschaftsmittelschule in St. Gallen
  • Vorkurs für Gestaltung in Wil
  • HyperWerk

Basel, Schweiz

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